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  2. Update to admin list and graphic activity Dzemo promoted to ADMIN LIDER Removed amx because of inactivity: SwisMaster Hamee^z OwanGe KiTe BesSi
  3. Update la admin list si activitate grafica Dzemo a fost promovat la ADMIN LIDER Stergere admin din cauza inactivitatii: SwisMaster Hamee^z OwanGe KiTe BesSi
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  5. CO MANAGER 2K (^_^) ADMIN LIDER krvspx TheOnlyProblem Dzemo FULL ADMIN NiKo stone λ TEST ADMIN Tachel DM Sat
  6. Krvspx

    CT vs TT

    Counter Terrorist
  7. Ai citit regulamentul?: DA Steam ON/OFF: ON Nickname: stone λ Nume si prenume: Socol Adri Primele 6 cifre din cnp: 186112 Varsta (minima 16): 31 Unde locuiesti?: Mures Ai microfon?: Da, dar nu il fol des. Prezenţă pe team speak3?: Doar seara / Cand fam nu doarme Poti ajuta cu donatii la sv?: Pe serverul vechi am donat in mod regulat. De ce vrei să fii admin?: Sa revin in comunitate unde mi-am facut prieteni si colegi Cu ce crezi că ai putea ajuta serverul ?: Experiența multa in amx, o moderare corecta in gameplay.
  8. Steam O/ OFF: Nickname:BlacK DoG Name and surname:Abdelah Meškić Age (minimum 16):i have 16 old Where do you live?:Bosnia Link Presence on team speak3 ?:No heave teamspeak Can you help with donations to sv ?:No i free Why do you want to be an admin ?:BuT What do you think the server could help?I help Evrybady on the server
  9. you got a pm, next time try to fill with the formular -.-
  10. I have more than 15 hours i think I have TS and discord installed. I have amx experience and i will help in admining
  11. Added Happy Hour (FreeVIP) that starts at 22:00 and ends at 12:00 Added newest version of WHBlocker. Added Anti-Camp Zones.
  12. Adaugat Happy Hour (FreeVIP) care incepe la ora 22:00 si se termina la 12:00 Adaugat cea mai noua versiune WHBlocker. Adaugat Anti-Camp Zones.
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